Thursday, September 26, 2019

What is meant by the term sustainable development How has this concept Essay

What is meant by the term sustainable development How has this concept contributed to the amelioration of environmental degradation - Essay Example Generally speaking, human needs must be met and economic growth must be nurtured keeping intact the available natural resources and environmental integrity (Willers, 1994, p. 1147). Requirements of both ecological balance and economical development must be satisfied. These conditions would be lasting forever or for a very long period. Hierarchial management of sustainable development is necessary and it must be able to result in the essential performance of main requirements, satisfying the various interests. It is essential to overcome the environmental pollution and its effect in aggravating the ecological situation which is a global problem (Ougolnitsky, 2009, p. 428). The concept of hierarchial controlled dynamic management has the chances of providing better decisions. The three constituents of hierarchial management are the administrative, economic and psychological. Private interests of organizations, aiming at short term interests, collide with the objective strategies of the global system (Ougolnitsky, 2009, p. 429). . This contrast in ideas needs to be solved by the hierarchial management which had better be a two tier management. The individual interests should be coordinated into a common group of interests with common objectives. Different methods are employed in the management: compulsion, impulsion and conviction (Ougolnitsky, 2009, p. 431). Compulsion is when a participant is forced to undertake or accept a common interest or objective. Impulsion is when the participant is offered the opportunities or economically advantageous background to promote the common interests. Both levels have common interests and both are equally committed in conviction. Compulsion is an inefficient method to produce a combined effort. Voluntary cooperation is evident in conviction which is actually a psychological approach and the best in the sustainable development (Ougolnitsky, 2009, p. 432). The

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