Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sales and Advertising marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sales and Advertising marketing - Assignment Example Their main aim has been to capture the young audience especially male who have been the main users of the app. The management at subway has ceased this opportunity to front their ads in this android platform. This move is a timely one for subway with expectations that the number of hours in watching the video game through this app will rise in the next three years (Chung, 2015). The rate of growth by this app has continuously tapped many audiences from opponent game contest that has caused them a lot of discomforts amid increasing competition from the e-sport app. However the calculation of these figures should be done with caution to avoid exaggerations caused by overlapped usage This article focuses on the mobile gadget, which runs on an android platform as a media of its dissemination. This is probably because of the wide variety of these gadgets available to users. These devices range from smart phones to tablet available from diverse dealers, which are very common among numerous users especially among youths. The major points covered in this article are the growth rate in the usage of this app which is combined with the age that is prevalent in using the app. Similarly, the article outlines the reason for the involvement of Subway in the article at length and clearly points out its benefit to them. Finally the reading stresses on the future expected position in the market which aims to encourage even more endorsers. Subway’s use of this media to promote their ads is an important step in the Canadian advertising industry as it acts as a benchmark to others in the market. This article articulates the success of apps as an advertisement strategy where many industries can reach many clients through the mobile gadgets where the apps run. The potential of the apps for future market is clearly demonstrated when the article emphasizes on the expected growth in coming years. This aids advertising sector to devise appropriate advertisements meant

Friday, February 7, 2020

Assign 1) Chpt 6 & 7 Assign 2) Soci DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assign 1) Chpt 6 & 7 Assign 2) Soci DB - Essay Example In the turn of old age or physical weakness, the spouse must be able to take hold of that responsibility of taking care of his or her partner, and it is only in that way that they can justify what long-term relationship means. Commitment has a particular role to play in long-term relationships. In an episode about marriage in the Oprah Show, there was one thing that she told her guests that really struck me. Oprah said that you will not be in love everyday in the entire course of your marriage and it takes your choice and effort to be in love. This is true about intimacy in long term relationships. This kind is not limited to heterogeneous relationships, because human emotions do not know any gender. What the heart feels is just the way it is, but the relationship existing between the couple, whatever their genders are, is universal. Long term relationships cannot stand with love alone, as love has the tendency to outgrow and consequently ending the emotion. Whereas if a long term-re lationship would rest in commitment, responsibility, acceptance, and respect, there is more chance for love to grow.