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Information and Communication in Next Life Essay

Information and Communication in adjoining Life - Essay ExampleThis includes the use of the word of mouth to communicate, body languages, and other modes of communication that argon not facilitated through the use of technology.It is important to explain that there are a number of issues that adjust the manner in which an individual communicates and behaves. These issues include their perceptions regarding a particular excogitation, their attitudes towards a person that they are communication with, and the skills of communication that these people possess (Stout, 2006, p. 53). The society that we live in has a variety of beliefs and expectations. One of the expectations is on the aspect of connection. This aspect of connection has the capability of influencing the manner the behaviors of people, regarding their beliefs in the next life. There are a variety of issues that are always expected in the next life, and these are important in determine the behavior and communication abil ity of people, hence playing a significant role in create their communication skills.Reincarnation, a Hinduism belief, is one of the fantasys that explain the expectations of people in the next life. This belief also plays an influential role in shaping the behavioral patterns of people who belief in it. Some of the issues explored under this concept is how to live moral life, and how communication helps people to live such kind of a life (Sout, 2006, p. 29). This psyche thereafter presentes through a series of life cycles, or sequence of bodies. At the sub-human level, the soul manages to pass through a series of complex bodies, until it reaches the human body, which is an exalted habitation. At this exalted level, Hinduism beliefs that the soul, as a human being, is responsible for its actions (Kagan, 2013, p. 34). Furthermore, the present condition of the life of an individual is a reflection of their past activities. This concept further denotes that the present thoughts, de cisions, and acts of an individual would determine their next

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Small Business Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Small Business Management - Essay utilizationIf the company decided to open a nonher online put in it would not impact the cash position of the company. The riotous will be able to absorb the additional cost of opening a new store without hurting the liquidity of the firm. 2. Is My Friend Bookstore a good candidate for franchising? I do not think that My Friend Bookstore is a good candidate for franchising. The firm is currently operating below special circumstances which may not be able to be replicated. The company has no doctor cost because it operates out of a dorm. The dorm placement allows the firm to deliver books to the university students free of charge. The prime location also gives the company an improvement as far as having a great supply of utilize books since college students have so many books. The used book market is also precise risky. Since publishers changed editions almost all year the used textbooks become obsolete very fast. An otherwise disadvantage o f franchising the craft concept is that it is very easy to duplicate an online bookstore. It power become hard to sell franchises of a intersection point that has such a low barrier of entry. 3. Describe what the owners would have to do to prep ar to franchise their calling? There ar different steps that must be taken to move a company from a hit operation to a franchise. The first step is to determine whether the company is ready to take this huge step. The business concept must be evaluated to determine if the offering is unique and if there is a market for the product or service being offered. The company must be in a good pecuniary condition to absorb the initial cost of the expansion plan such as added infrastructure and marketing expenses. Prior to making the step of choosing the franchise model management must evaluate all other expansion strategies such as joint venture, strategic alliances, licensing, and subsidiaries. The second big step in forming a franchise is t o comply with legal requirements. A business prior to selling franchises in the United States must register a franchise disclosure document with the Federal Trade Commission (Tice, 2011). The firm has to produce a plan on how to advertise to sell franchises either domestically or internationally. Once the franchises are sold the firm has to serve the franchises. This includes giving training, selling inventory, and providing advertising. 4. The three partners own the bookstore equally. What are approximately of the difficulties they may encounter in sharing management duties equally? It is not uncommon for a business venture to have more than one owner. In this case there are three partners in charge of My Friends Bookstore. The partners might face difficulties dividing the managerial work because there is not a clear set outr of labor among the partners. It is more ideal to have only one manager in charge of the operation. This means the employees will know exactly which instr uctions to follow. When there are several people serving the managerial role the employees might get mixed messages from the managerial staff. Another problem is that the partners might face counterpoint regarding how to divide the managerial functions. It is possible that under this scenario that one partner might want to take advantage of the other as far as passing on the managerial work to the next person. 5. What processes might the owners put in place to clarify their duties as equal partners? A way that the partners can divide work duties in a more orderly manner is to create

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Like alcohol and tobacco drugs should be legalized in america Essay

Like alcohol and tobacco drugs should be legalized in the States - Essay ExampleDrugs should be legalized and this is why.Legalizing drugs would first of all help save many lives. Sometime dorsum alcohol was abhorred in the US to the extent of being banned. The reason given then was that it would be a source of nuisance to society. This did not last long and alcohol was re-legalized. It is worth noting that more good than terms has come from re-legalization of alcohol (Wesley, Drug use should be legal in America). This is because when the drugs are legal, the government will be able to establish regulatory measures as is the case with cigarettes and alcohol. The quantity produced and the selling damage can be regulated like they do with alcohol. Drugs would be made following set standards and then manufacturers who make low quality and highly toxic drugs will be driven out of business. The tax revenue collected in form of taxes from the sale of drugs can be used to provide heal th go such as rehabilitation of drug addicts. The government will also be able to reproach people of harm caused by drugs as it does with alcohol and cigarettes. Anti drug use campaigns can also be funded using the revenues collected.Laws against drug use are the cause of the increasing cases of drug related crimes. many cities have sections cognise to be notorious for drug related violence and wars. Rival gangs are known to go to war over drug territories. Persons who also go out to seek drugs are inclined(predicate) to harm. Case in point is some young men who went to buy marijuana from a highway gang. In the process of trying to gain the trust of the gang they mistakenly claimed to come from a twin gang. They were immediately stabbed to death as the gang protected their territory (Barnett & Palmer Should drug use be legalized?). If drugs were legal, the spring chicken would have gone to a known legal dealer and bought what they needed. This would have saved their lives. I t is the illegality of the drug that encourages the brass of such

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Critical Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Critical Discussion - Essay ExampleIn discussing the act upon of educational pioneers from social and political points of view, Ornstein takes positions as a progressivist on one hand (New-tone) and a postmodern (Ultra-New-Tone) on the other. The arguments be centered around the effects of education, reflected in the society and the above quote, is used to harbor Mr Ultra-New-Tones revolutionary position.Michel Apples statement may be understood to mean that, schools and other institutions of Education have a significant control over the social and economic systems, within which they operate. The justification for this is, schools are knowledge centers and their particular responsibility lies in the proper dissemination of knowledge. Most of childs life is spent in the school and what is taught present shapes their behaviors in the social system that they otherwise live in.The phrase cultural capital, can be used to compass various types of knowledge, skills, talent etc, the possession of which provides a certain status in the society (http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_capital). It can be thought of as the tangible and intangible effects of assimilation on the Society.In proposing that there are inequities in culture capi... It can be thought of as the tangible and intangible effects of culture on the Society. In proposing that there are inequities in culture capital, just as there is an unequal dispersion of economic capital, Apple seems to imply that the current systems of education are the reasons why the inequalities exist and hence they deal to change so that they can be overcome. Ornstein has used this implication in his argument supporting the radical view, that a revolutionary change in the system is required and that the focus be shifted from one of rank and testing to one of freedom in learning.The basis of the arguments by the radicals stems from the fundamental belief that the conservative school of thought in Education is too object ive to be democratic whereas the radicals subjective approach broadens the scope of standards and lends itself to be an ideal equalizer. The postmodernists also hold that continuous and rapid change is necessary to adapt to the exponential growth, in information that the contemporary generation is forced to keep pace with. According to Ornstein, what is implied by Michael Apples rather striking statement that schools ... shape our lives and take control over us, is that in the technological societies that we live in, it is imperative that, radical reforms are made with an immediate sense of urgency. The Postmodernists versus the Educational Pioneers and Progressivism The debate about whether radical reform is required, to narrow the sensed inequality in distribution of knowledge or if this can be better achieved by adhering to tested principles laid out by educational pioneers can be conducted on various planes (1) Effect that

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Recearch paper 2 Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recearch paper 2 - Statistics Project Example concord to the results and abbreviation of obtained data presented in the July 2001 SUR11 for study 091and the Clinical Study Report (CSR) filed with the FDA in July 200316 for study 078.17 This digest provided evidence of the excess risk associated with rofecoxib for noncancer deaths (HR, 2.71 95%CI, 1.57-4.68 P_.001). Most of this excess was due to heart indisposition deaths (HR, 3.84 95% CI, 1.54-9.51). The independent analysis also confirmed the increased risk of total mortality (HR, 2.13 95%CI, 1.36-3.33 P_.001) first identified by the sponsors statistician in April 2001.14 (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008).In any case, the analysis was on the intention-to-treat principle that encompassed different events occurring within a span of 1 year of protocol 091 including superfluous 14 days employed in following up of the patients in order to ascertain the condition. average is the statistical measure vividly described in the article. In the arti cle, confirm that after the medication head of following up was the median of up to 1.7 years. In order to attain this median value as unrivalled of the measures of central tendency, the researchers used Cox Model, which was later on adjusted for purposes of accumulating ate and sex (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008). In statistics, median is the middle value or number in a given set of data. In order to find the median or middle value, the given set of data is arranged in value order from the highest to the lowest of from the lowest to the highest (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008). After arranging the data in ascending or descending order, the middle value becomes median, a measure of central tendency.2. Interpret Inferences. Do one of the following, in everyday language without any special mathematical symbols and make sure to have the correct measures and units. (a) preference 3 confidence intervals (CI) from the article and give a formal interpretation for each. Answer the question Which one is t he most

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The Shawshank Redemption Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Shawshank Redemption - Movie Review congresswomanDespite Andys declaration of innocence he is binded in the prison guided by circumstantial evidence. The movie uses the character of Andy Dufrense to reflect the resilience of human spirit and how one can retain his humanity against all odds under penitence. Andy Dufresne in his late 40s has no reason to be disquieted about life unless things changes a little too fast for him. The corpses of his wife and her previous lover are found strewn with bullets after Andy comes to know of his wifes illicit relationship. The circumstance goes against him when he visits his house with whisky and bullets. Though he admits to these incidents, he declares his innocence but all he receives form the court of referee is to life sentences to serve and undergo the tough penitence of the jail at Shawshank which is known to be the near atrocious one in New England. When Eliss Red Redding befriends Andy, he foretells that the lanky and out of plac e Andy would non be able to sustain here for yearn. His prediction seems strong given that Andy is surrounded by head-on inmates and strong tough and aggressive head guard like Hadley and personalities like Warden Norton (enacted by Bob Grunton) who do their dominance clearly felt throughout. Later when Andy narrates his story to Red, he says, Bad luck, I guess. It floats around. Its got to land on somebody. It was my turn, thats all. I was in the path of the tornado. I just didnt expect the storm would last as long as it has. This is complemented by the harassment of the group of troublemakers and sexual assaulters named The Sisters under the leadership of Bogs. Despite being torment Andy does not give in. This surrounding is ideal to prove the Prison to live up to its name and composition of atrocity and violence and abrupt instances of abuse occur frequently. With brutality on one hand, corruption withal prevails on the new(prenominal). For instance, the Warden Norton use s Andy to assist him in his operation of laundering money under the fake name of Randall Stevens. This luck comes when by his luck his discovers Hadley is in a problem related to tax on an inheritance and renders his oval-fruited advice on the same. He is then asked to look after the library and also renders financial counseling to the other guards. Hadley also beats up the group of Sisters who refrains from bothering Andy henceforth. Things were comfortable for Andy since his talents are being exploited by the Warden who uses the inmates for provision labor force instead of skilled labor for which he receives incentives. Andy knows his corruption but has little centering out. He takes a big risk by playing The Marriage of Figago for his inmates to hear despite versed that he would be confined to solitary cell for this offense of rendering one pleasant moment. He carries on his good work by expanding the library after several attempts and with the help of the warden. He dedicat es the library to Brookes the old librarian who commits suicide after being released on parole since he could not position to the outside world. The movie set over a wide space of two decades joins different strands of stories fetching place in the prison. This shows how Andy retains

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Development task 2... assignment with label sketch - 3

Development task 2... with label sketch - Assignment ExampleThe understanding of the concrete has to be greater than 500 millimeter. From ground level, the enlightenment of the concrete must be greater than 1500 millimeter (Cyril, 2003 110).Since the ground condition has firm ashes, therefore there is a need to consider the depth of foundations. Clay exhibits the property to shrink or contract depending on the moisture content present in it (Kenneth, 199325). At the same time, if the surrounding area has trees, there is a possibility that the trees would absorb the moisture from the clay and hence, the foundation may experience settlement to a significant level. For this case, it is essential to consider the depth of the foundation. A trench carry out foundation is thus ideal for this type of range condition. Research suggests that trench fill foundations are quicker to prepare than deep strip foundations. This means that there is less(prenominal) disruption at one time the bui lding work starts and not as much labour time will be needed. It is less likely that subsidence will occur in cases where there may be changes in the soils substrata (Mosley & Bungey, 2000, 48).The site has different ground conditions and has different soils. Thus, it has a weak bearing capacity. For this purpose, the ideal foundation would be strip, gridiron or mat foundation. In this case, the suggested foundation is mat foundation. Because of varying ground conditions, majority of the isolated footings would withdraw large areas and thus, it would become uneconomical (Terzaghi et.al, 2006, 256)l. According to the British Code, Where the subsoil is very weak the load postulate to be spread all over a greater area. This is achieved by casting a slab of concrete over the whole ground area and thickening the slab where walls are to be placed(Perry & Perry, 2009, 118).The design of any strengthen concrete structure aims at a suitable and economical design and for this purpose, ma t foundation is ideal. A mat foundation is often used by designers when isolated footings may

Analysis of Warmart annnual report 2009 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Analysis of Warmart annnual report 2009 - Essay pillowcaseWal-Mart Stores, Inc. functions Wal-Mart discount stores, super-centers, local markets and surface-to-air missiles Club sites in the United States. The company also functions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom (Wal-Mart Issues 2009 Annual Report to Shareholders).According to Rob Walton, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the field requires a retailer that saves individuals money to provide them a better life. The director of the company is proud to have it away that millions of customers as well as the new ones are turning to them for their service. They are better placed than incessantly to meet the requirements of our consumers and members. Their approaches are distinctly defined and their management group is united and focused on distributing the trump out possible experienc e for customers and associates. The merchandising group functions with suppliers to guarantee value, diversity and quality. What works behind their success is the planetary price leadership position. They are much more committed to sustainability, liable sourcing and affiliate opportunity which creates a difference for them. Development opportunities keeps on emerging even in complicated business environments.Their major intensity is their consistency which in turn helps them to maintain leadership. Mike Duke is committed to the values and goal that are Sam Waltons birthright, in addition to the members, consumers and shareholders. Lee Scott, ex-CEO for nine years, assisted Wal-Mart to reach heights of sustainability, variety and inclusion body of all individuals and helped the owners to engage with others on crucial issues like health care, and also supported to strengthen Wal-Marts status as a reliable and caring company.The management of Wal-Mart always tries to present its fi nancial reports in a clear and

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Admiral George Dewey and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Essay

admiral George Dewey and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz - Essay ExampleIn the navy blue of the United States, the admiral is a four-star flag officer grade. At the top ranks the Admiral, then the sub-admiral and lower is the f both out Admiral. There is no a founded ranking above the admiral. Admiral is equal to the position of general in the other uniformed services. In 1899, the Congress acknowledged George Deweys achievements in the Spanish-American War by empowering the President to postulate him Admiral of the Navy. In 1944, Chester W. Nimitz was endorsed by the Congress as one of the five-star rank of Fleet Admiral. This paper analyzes the achievements of these dickens admirals, their leadership traits and their strengths and weaknesses. Introduction While Chester W. Nimitz was still schooling at Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas, he sought for an duty assignment to West Point since he had interests on an Army profession. When he missed this chance, he sat for a cutthroat test for Annapolis and was chosen and appointed from the Twelfth Congressional District of Texas in 1901. In 1905, he left high school to join the ocean Academy Class of that year. He basically was conferred his high school diploma several years later, after he was a Fleet Admiral. Nimitz was an great(p) student at the Academy, particularly in mathematics and got a distinction. In addition to this, he was an elegant athlete and stroked the squad in his first year class1. After graduating with a distinction from the United States Naval Academy Class of 1905, Nimitz started his profession as a surface officer on several ships. Later, he achieved success as one of the foremost leaders of submarine development and war after beingness relocated to the new submarine service. These attempts concluded with several aide ranks to flag officers and later control of ships and flotillas2. On the other hand, young Dewey was posted to the s squad frigate Wabash after his graduation from the Naval Academy at Annapolis. He stayed here until 1859 when he went back to Annapolis to get his final examination. George Dewey got his first assignment on April 18 1861. He became lieutenant, and in the period from 1861 to 1863, he operated on the Mississippi, which was a steam sloop of the West Gulf Squadron. He would not have experienced a lot of service if he had been graduated at a different time. However, that time had a lot of promise for the navy and the army3. Admiral Nimitz had a very admirable and strong character that was characterized with a lot of confidence and patience. For instance, he never wavered from his commitment to task and nation, from contest with General MacArthur to the political scheming in the Navy Department. Nimitz never lost concentration of his reliability or the bigger picture of what had to be done for the nation and the war struggle. He deemed himself a humanness of team and was contented with it. He was not a Man of strict orders but concentrated mu ch on working with the team. He declined several rewarding positions after the Second World War and viewed them as not in the best concern of the Navy. Moreover, he did not want to profit on the lives lost during the warfare4. In addition, Nimitz was the pre-renowned carrier strategist of the Pacific. Due to this, Turner (U.S. Naval Academy, 1906) won Nimitz esteem for leading amphibious associations all through the Pacific in time of the war5. The character of Admiral George is characterized by honesty, refinement, clean and eager, and being a believer in himself6. In the aspects of his command, Dewey knew how to put his foot down with a tons strength when the situation demanded it. He was fit for leading the United States navy since he created order and discipline, which encompasses the making of a soldier7. It was the routine of Admiral Dewey to abstain from attractive words and used words with accuracy. He definitely did not seek to plump for a case in colors and curves, and ye t, through his statements, letters and cables, it is clear that he was a man whose sound was high

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Macro economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Macro economics - Essay ExampleIt categorically defined employee and enables the Federal government to carry out acceptable means necessary to promote employment for economic stability (McConnell and Brue 214). These statues as well as other purposeives from the government be factors that shape a countrys fiscal insurance. Prior to the striking Depression, national government intervention was limited to foreign policy and national defense. Most of fiscal policies be determined in state levels of government who had ample discretion in the scoreation of their own guidelines. Economists lots refer to another important factor in the determination of economic dynamics in the form of political work as a major factor in the federal budget. When there is unattended spending by politicians into particular interests groups then this could lead to exhaustive government expenditure relative to the revenue revenues and leads to federal budget deficits (Boyes and Melvin 248). Staggering budget deficits is a major problem for any economy that brings asymmetry to the entire system and impedes growth bringing adverse effects to members of a countrys population. in that location are both broad categories of fiscal shafts as enumerated by McEachern as automatic stabilizers and discretionary. The first are programs that set up the economy by stabilizing disposable income through the real GDP and consumption. The best exercising of an automatic stabilizer is income tax which automatically modifies the disposable income of an individual. The second is a direct manipulation by the government to encourage its macroeconomic objectives including full employment, growth and price stability. They may differ in the length of execution and as to... This paper discusses such important macroeconomic concepts as line cycles, fiscal policy and fiscal tools. Business cycle is essentially the rise and decline of economic activity. There is no particular or clear-cut span of ti me that determines a business cycle and the same may send for several years. There are four phases of the business cycle that comprises of peak, recession, trough and recoveryA astray used measurement of output is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country which sees peaks and lowsThe occurrence of business cycles and its concurrent effect on increasing unemployment and inflation prevents economic growth.The mandate of a country to influence economic activity is the central purpose of fiscal policy. Macroeconomic theories are utilized in the manifestation of the scope and limitations of fiscal policy.An example of a direct reaction of the government founded on fiscal policy is the Employment Act of 1946 when unemployment became a major problem after World War II.Prior to the large(p) Depression, national government intervention was limited to foreign policy and national defense.There are two broad categories of fiscal tools as enumerated by McEachern as automatic stabilizers and discretionary The first are programs that regulate the economy by stabilizing disposable income through the real GDP and consumption. The second is a direct manipulation by the government to encourage its macroeconomic objectives including full employment, growth and price stability.The 2009 stimulus aim implemented by President Obama is a good example of a discretionary fiscal tool adopted by the U.S. Government

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Managing for the future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Managing for the future - Essay ExampleDuring the time of the eminent economist, concepts much(prenominal) as ethical determination making, somatic fond right (CSR) were at the budding stage, hence, most of the economists including Milton Friedman ignored the role of social responsibility for business. Over the last few decades, the importance of ethics has been increased among corporate world. Modern explore scholars such as Jain (2009) and Tett (2009) criticised the immaturity in terms of ethical understanding among business leaders as the root cause behind the global crisis. The concepts like corporate social responsibility (CSR) is pretty a great deal new for companies in emerging market and as a result, many of them are still assay with implementation of a holistic CSR framework which can ensure social well macrocosm and surroundings sustainability. Visser (2010) and Velasquez (2000) argued that concept of corporate governance is generally misunderstood by business le aders because they believe that corporate governance is all about structure which is not correct. In such context, modern research scholars such as Waller and Conaway (2011) pointed out three important future challenges for organizations such as, 1-deploying CSR activities in comprehensive manner in most of its business verticals, 2-taking the strong leadership role by expanding business in cross ethnical and coun study manner and 3- managing crisis in efficient manner in order to ensure smooth ladder of function. Issaksson and Jorgensen (2010) argued that companies need to work closely with their stakeholders in order to balance the environment sustainability activities and profit pooling activities. According to these research scholars, the profit-greedy mentality of organizations cannot help it to achieve sustainable growth because modern organization has to consider the effect of its operation in external environment. Du, Bhattacharya and Sen (2010) defined CSR as a commitment from corporate to ensure well being of social members and help the society to achieve inclusive growth. It is evident from the above mentioned definition that it is responsibility of companies to mitigate social life of people by using internal resources and good practices. Waddock (2008) even argued that companies can elevate their brand image by engaging in CSR activities which can help the company to fulfil ethical, social and environmental requirements. The researcher has selected Starbucks in order to understand how the above mentioned three factors such as CSR, globalization and crisis and catastrophe management can impact business environment of the company. After analyzing the business environment and its preceding(prenominal) challenges for Starbucks, the study will predict future business path for the company. At first, the researcher will try to understand the business matrix of Starbucks. Starbucks-Business Matrix and Capabilities Starbucks Corporation was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl during the year 1971 and the company is headquartered Seattle, Washington, U.S (Starbucks, 2012). Till date, Starbucks has realised more than

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Intro to Television Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Intro to Television - Assignment Examplef the first heading which is the scenes space, it quite a little be considered that most of the scenes in Teen Wolf have an establishing nip that can serve as a focal point of the scene. For example the shot of the jacket of Allison hang in one of the trees in Dereks property when Scott turned into a werewolf and thought that Derek has an execration plan for her. Usually the auditory sense would be puzzled at first regarding the shot which is commonly unrelated to the prior scene, so ones attention would be triggered. For that matter, it serves as a stimulus for the audience to start the scene with heightened and a bit analytic sense.2. Every initial shot has the purpose of bragging(a) focus and even made to create a foreshadowing of the individual scenario. In general, the different shots in almost every scenario express the eerie atmosphere which matches to the concept about how scary a telly show about werewolves are. Although the sh ow is exploring the concept of the werewolves, the fact that it explores the life of a teenager or a teen werewolf lightens the mood making the show attract young viewers. Another reason for attracting the jr. population is the eerie and fantasy element.3. The scenes commonly use multiple camera perspectives on the level of a person. The shots are commonly dynamic presenting the perspectives of the different characters on the different scenes. The said technique adheres to the 180-degree rule which can give a more active and young atmosphere to the series. The screen direction is not usually maintained but given a two opposing shots most of the time. The viewer is not unconnected because even thought there are short shots in sequence they are very focused. peerless example if the scene wherein Scott is trying out for the team. There are alternating running and steady scenes which support the opposing perspectives of Scott against that of his team

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Each of the novels focused on in this class examines the role of power Research Paper

Each of the novels focused on in this class examines the piece of power in similarity to the human condition. The characters in the - Research Paper Example index number is a very all important(p) and momentous pattern as well as a very confusing and relative term at the same time. This is because it depends on the kind of power that a person possesses in a certain site and specific role. A person, at any one time is very likely to experience diametrical licks of power such as expert power, referent, reward or compulsory power (Flyvbjerg, 2009). There atomic number 18 also several sources to exercise power which include knowledge and expertise, charisma, coercion, persuasion, knowledge, social class, aggressive or manipulative. function is not necessarily negative. It exists in both forms, positive as well as negative (Noordin Yahaya, 2011). A person who has a high authority understructure al dashs use a positive way to exercise power and can also use a negative way to ex ercise his powers. Power can be used by using different tactics such as the concept of using soft power and hard power (Galbraith, 1983). Soft power refers to more collaborative ship canal of exercising power while hard power uses more harsh ways of displaying ones power in a more manipulative manner. Moreover, power can be used in another(prenominal) ways like rational and irrational. Power is a good and a bad intimacy at the same time. When used in a productive way, that is to help others, to help humanity, to help beau monde leaving apart all the desires that have power, it can produce great results. On the other drop dead if power is used in a negative way that is to get what you desire and that also superpower be unethical, by hurting people or by using power to take coercive actions can lead into a disaster (Ghandchi, 1998). As clear from their names, rational power promoter to charm others with logic while irrational power means coercing them to do something without an y logical explanation or understanding. Another way is to use power in a unilateral or bilateral way. zygomorphic use of power involves two way communication and ways of convincing people, negotiating with them, listening to what they have to prescribe and implementing things that seem right. On the other hand, unilateral power involves person making decisions of his choice regardless of lovingness about others opinions and considering oneself as absolutely correct not ready to face any kind of criticism. In the three novels that will be under consideration for this analysis The Alienist, The Thin Man, and Snow in August, we will see what they have in common and how they can relate to concept of role of power with respect to human condition. All the three novels being discussed below have some form of power under discussion and each of them refers to a different form of power, how it affected the individual and how it can help achieve ones goals, or how it has negatively affected a person in achieving what he wanted to. To begin with The Alienist, which is a psychological thriller and revolves around a diverse forensic aggroup to help investigate on the issue and find a serial killer. In the context of this topic, what is important here is the fact that the forensic team constituted of a natural law secretary, a journalist, two detectives and the alienist himself. This means that the power of decision making in human context belonged to these 5 members regardless of what their roles in other contexts of life were. For instance, the journalist has a different position of authority in his job and so does the police secretary. However

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Education research paper on Oral Proficiency in the Foreign Language

Education on Oral Proficiency in the Foreign Language schoolroom - Research Paper ExampleForeign- lyric teachers are as a import advised to promote classroom participation of students since by this they will be able to enhance their unconnected language speeches. This paper in particular tries to find the appropriate ways that teachers can employ in order to promote foreign language oral exam proficiency in their classrooms. Research was carried out through interviews, surveys and classroom observations and various findings presented, from which conclusions were drawn. Table of contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Literature critical review 5 The Importance of Oral Assessment 5 Motivating Students to Speak 6 Results/ Presentation 16 Interview Results/Findings 16 Survey Results/Findings 18 Classroom Observations 19 Discussion and Analysis 20 pedagogical Applications 24 Recommendations 27 References 30 Appendices 33 Introduction Increasing global development and the need for grow second language skills have led many educators to seek ways to ensure that students of foreign languages cede their classes with a level of language proficiency. Though tests of written language are frequently defined by state standards that are based on written surveyments, talk language proficiency and the routine of oral estimations in language classes are receiving increasing attention. The current literature on this topic reflects varied views of educators and administrators, some(prenominal) in relation to foreign language instruction and as a reflection of efforts in this surface area to support second language instruction for those with limited English proficiency. The application and increasing emphasis on oral assessments in foreign language instruction in the United States has extended from the realization that utter language proficiency is an imperative part of the application and utility of language learning. In correlation, educators have employ a range of stra tegies to improve oral language performance, including methods to motivate learners, improve classroom process, and improve oral language skills. The purpose of this research is to learn and investigate how to prepare activities to engage students in speaking and how to assess speaking in class. Given that not all students will speak the target language impertinent of class the classroom is a crucial if not the only space for students to engage in the spoken language in their early learning experience. The purpose of this study is also to ultimately create an assessment system that would match effective teaching practices. The research questions guiding the study are How can I incorporate oral assessment as a daily part of class? How much cargo should I place on oral assessment? How can I provide a classroom environment that will motivate students to speak in class? What would appropriate tasks look like? How do other skills/factors support speaking? Literature Review The Importan ce of Oral Assessment Foreign language instructors have taken the lead from second language (L2) instructional models that place an emphasis on the encyclopaedism of oral language skills and the application of assessments to determine a learners pragmatic skills, the skills that they can use in an authentic speaking environment (Ishihara, 2009). Language educators have recognized that pragmatic competence should be achieved through language experiences in the classroom, and instructors can benefit from making

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Bleeding Kansas Leading to Civil War Research Paper - 1

discharge Kansas Leading to Civil War - Research Paper ExampleThere are some(prenominal) events that resulted into the secession which finally led to the civil state of war in America. 2Progressively, in that respect are several events that finally st 1-broke the civil war and Americans found themselves in the fight. They include The Mexican war of 1848, fugitive slave transaction of 1850, the release of Uncle Toms cabin, Bleeding Kansas, attack of Charles Summer, the decision by Dred Scott, rejection of the Lecompton constitution, Harpers convey Raid by Brown, Election of the Abraham Lincoln as the president of the U.S.However, it is important to note that Kansas-Nebraska Act was one of the most instrumental events that led to civil war. This paper has therefore outlined the events that took place at the present moment when the act was passed as well as ho it resulted into the civil wars. This act gave the Kansas and the Nebraska the opportunities to decide for themselves w hat they precious to take place. They were given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they wanted to sop slavery or whether they wanted to come about with the slavery activities. As a result of this, there were divisions in the minds of individuals in these states. As a result, there was a clear battle line in the midst of the pro and the anti-slavery idea. These wars therefore became some of the events in the war that finally led to the civil war in the United States of America.Bleeding Kansas is therefore a condition that refers to the different and consequential violent activities that took place in several parts of the Kansas state. 3The violent activities were mainly between those who supported the slavery and those who were against the slavery. It is important to note that this was a civil war of its own because the government had already passed legislation for the people to choose what was good or bad for them. These events took place between the years 1854 and 1858 and resulted into several issues that were difficult to resolve at that time and hence there was increasing

Fire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Fire - Essay Example ane of the reasons behind the success of movie was the increased amount of budget which was spent to produce this movie. The major furcate of the over completely film budget was spent on the fire scene which takes the complete toll of the pelf city (King).It can be seen in the particular scenic representation of the fire accident which spreads all around the neighborhood taking grasp of the closer blocks as well. The directors have shown people to be in the panic situation trying to save their homes despite the entire neighborhood was on fire. In reality, this is furthest different because the fire extinguishers and the firemen are allotted to the accident site. People are evacuated from the accident site so that there no more fatalities. Most prominently, the movie projects heroes saving human lives stuck in homes that are on fire. In real life, the heroes saving the human live stuck in the homes on fire are quite the firemen