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The quiet american Essay Example For Students

The quiet american Essay The film The Quiet American takes place during the 1950s in Vietnam. The movie illustrates the atmosphere of Vietnam previous to the Vietnam War and during the French occupation of the country. The main plot of the movie revolves around three characters: Fowler played by Michael Caine, Pyle played by Brendan Fraiser, and Phoung played by Do Thi Hai Yen. For the duration of the movie the three main characters are involved in a semi love triangle. This triangle and the emotions that the male characters feel towards Phoung begin to characterize the way they feel about the country of Vietnam itself. Vietnam becomes feminized, taboo, and sexualized just as Phoung does in Pyle and Fowlers eyes. The manner in which Fowler and Pyle struggle over Phoung represents the approach that Britain and America employed in their fight to save Vietnam from communism. Pyles intentions toward Phoung, although similar in some cases to Fowlers, differ greatly at the same time. Both men view Phoung as a sort of object that needs to be saved or requires some sort of assistance in order to endure life. When Pyle falls in love with Phoung upon their first meeting, he decides that he must do whatever he can or whatever he deems necessary in order to save Phoung from a lowly existence. This is the exact same way that Pyle views Vietnam and its present condition. He wants to rescue Vietnam from what he believes to be unadulterated evil: communism. Pyle does this in any way necessary, whether it requires his support of a third party dictator or standing by and watching the massacre of countless innocent Vietnamese citizens. Pyle doesnt love Vietnam so much as he hates communism, in the same way he doesnt love Phoung so much as he does not want Fowler to have her. Fowler on the other hand walks a thin line between noninvolvement and participation within the situations at hand. Fowler believes that Vietnam should be left to make its own decisions, but at the same time he is afraid of the conseq uences of such choices. This policy of noninvolvement and noncommittal is the same way that he approaches all the situations within his life. Fowler does not want to become concerned with the circumstances occurring in Vietnam and he also does not wholeheartedly become involved in the situation between Pyle and Phoung until he is forced to do so. He essentially permits Phoung to decide whom she wants to be with until he is compelled to leave his state of neutrality when it does not seem as if he will become the winner of her heart. Yet again Fowlers feelings towards Phoung embody his feelings towards Vietnam. Fowler wanted to give Phoung a chance to make her own decisions until he becomes petrified that she will choose the stability of Pyle rather than himself. In a similar way, Fowler believed that Vietnam should be able to choose what would occur in its own future but he was afraid at the same time that they would make the wrong decision and elect a communist leader. Although Phou ngs embodiment of Vietnam is the major personification of the film, there is yet another. During the film, Phoung refers to French men and their instability as boyfriends to Vietnamese women. The women of Vietnam become disillusioned with the French suitors much as Vietnam becomes disillusioned with France and wants their occupancy of the country to come to an end. Once the Vietnamese women become disenchanted with the French men they turn to suitors from Britain and America much like Phoung turned to Pyle and Fowler. This is representative of Vietnam pitting Britain and America against one another in order to gain whatever it was that was needed at the timed, whether it was an end to French occupancy or financial and military support. You must choose a side in order to remain human, this is what Fowlers associate reminds him of towards the end of the film. This is what this movie was really about. In the end everyone had to choose which side they were going to be on. Even Fowler ha d to make a choice. By opting to fight for Phoung, Fowler also decided to fight for Vietnams right to choose. By choosing to save Phoung, Pyle chooses to save the country that he loved so dearly. When its all said and done, it does not really make a difference which side you choose as long as you choose a side. .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .postImageUrl , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:hover , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:visited , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:active { border:0!important; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:active , .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955 .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ua1ce8cb0f5f58ddd0940b8da48d2d955:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Pornography on the internet Essay We will write a custom essay on The quiet american specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now

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AIDS Tax essays

AIDS Tax essays In the medical world, AIDS is fairly new, only beginning to be diagnosed in the 1980s and just barely has it begun to be understood by doctors. It is estimated that this fatal virus affects 37 million people worldwide. Countries that are still developing are the ones hit the hardest. In South Africa alone over 5 million people are living with AIDS or are HIV positive. This large number really plays a role in how businesses in South Africa are affected. A recent study was done to understand how AIDS impacts businesses. Six companies in Botswana and South Africa were surveyed. These were large, successful companies; 4 of which were subsidiaries of transnational corporations. The companies were in a range of industries from media to mining. Employing between 500 to 35,000 people each. A voluntary survey was given out to discover how many were affected by AIDS and how it impacted the companies financially. The study found that there was a large range of percentage of people infected with AIDS and that the number heavily depended on the type of job the person held. Overall 7.9% to 29% of the employees were infected with AIDS. Companies in mining and metal processing seemed to be affected the most, with more than 23 percent of their employees suffering from AIDS/HIV. On the other hand, only 14 percent of people holding supervisory or managerial jobs were infected. The study sought out what HIV-infected employees were costing them. Some of the costs included were medical care, benefits payment, training a replacement worker, insurance premiums and missed days of work due to illness from HIV/AIDS. The annual AIDS tax as it was dubbed in the study raged from 0.4% of the annual wage bill at a company to 5.9%. For one company that meant a cost of $11.9 million per year. There are also many indirect costs of losing an employee to AIDS. These costs were not included in the estimates for the AIDS ...

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Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Case Study Example Both companies are facing the prospects of the impending technological obsolescence of the personal computers, should they not be able to update their product design and construction to the present trend in consumer. Clients’ tastes are moving towards maximum integration, involving all-in-one solutions for personal, business, and other consumer applications. The industry is thus experiencing a consolidation that is forcing IT hardware, OS and applications developers to combine into converged firms; those unable to do so will have to quickly develop internal capabilities to meet the integrated technology – which is highly unlikely – or certainly lose out market share to the competition (International Business Times, 2011). New trends include (1) growing popularity of tablet computers and other mobile web surfing gadgets that are expected to eventually and totally replace personal computers; (2) cloud computing, which involve wharehousing data in third party servers; and (3) verticalisation, which involves an integration of product stages such that hardware, operating systems and applications developers tend to assimilate each others’ businesses. Presently, neither Dell nor HP are in the position to significantly meet these trends in the immediate future. Looking back, the same strategies that gained early success for Dell and HP are no longer relevant. Dell relied on supply chain cost-cutting efficiencies, while HP on product diversification (calculators to computers to printers). These early strategies were not proprietary and were quickly copied by competitors. Admittedly, a major strategic error was for DELL and HP to cut down on their R&D just as Apple surged on with its iPod , iPhone and iPad products. Consequently, HP and Dell sales are cut down (The Economic Times, 2011). The two company’s leadership in the PC technology has also become the reason for its present inadequacy. PCs are still seen

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Will single issue movement for soil conservation and clean water Essay

Will single issue movement for soil conservation and clean water inevitably fail - Essay Example Over exploitation has led to climate change and global warming. Human activities, such as urbanization and industrialization have resulted in pollution of water and air that causes global warming due to acidic rainfall. Global warming has been a menacing problem to the world over the years. Many countries have formed commissions to try and come up with measures that will control these changes. Soil pollution is a result of over-cultivation of the land and use of harsh fertilizers. Failure to plant cover crops leads to erosion of the top soil that is fertile and good for crop production. Industrialization has led to water pollution. Agents of water pollution are; sewage water that is channeled into the rivers, industrial waste, and oil spillage into water bodies. It is important to keep the water bodies clean because the water is said to be life. Contaminated water leads to various diseases that affect both human beings and plants. Nature can be unforgiving if not cared for .The Nobel Prize winner Wangari Mathai said if we do not take care of the nature, nature will destroy us. Single issue movement of soil conservation and clean water will inevitably fail. This is because, single issue movement deals with one policy; the solution may not be in a position to solve the problem because it is one sided. This paper is going to analyze how single issue movement of soil conservation and clean water will fail. A lingering concern is that the quality of soil is destroyed by over exploitation by human beings and use of harsh fertilizers. Thus, single issue movement concentrates on how to control use of harsh fertilizers and forgets to address over-exploitation which makes it to fail. Soil conservation refers to strategies put forth to control soil being eroded or being altered by land use. Exploitation of the soil is as a result of the rapid

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Criminology-Police Brutality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Criminology-Police Brutality - Essay Example ely to produce great bodily injury† and with assault â€Å"under color of authority.† This triggered massive riots in the streets of Los Angeles, now referred to as the LA Riots, and is known to be one of the worst and most destructive civil disturbances in the history of melting-pot State. More than fifty people lost their lives in the three-day frenzy of violence. The main cause of furor was the belief that the police violence was racially-motivated and the ferocity of the attack would not have happened if Rodney King were white. As unfortunate as the outcome was, the incident could be said to be a good learning tool in that it invites us to revisit the issue of police brutality and the question of whether or not such brutality by law enforcement officers made while in the line of duty actually result in effective law enforcement. And if it were so – i.e., if apprehension of criminals was actually more certain if the police engage in strong-arm tactics – is this enough reason to bend or relax human rights standards in the Constitution and in various human rights instruments? Legal systems in the civilized world – whether in civil or common law jurisdictions -- have, at least in theory, given primacy to the rights of the accused, understanding that ambiguity should be resolved in his or her favor. This, however, does not mean that one must let down his or her vigilance and stop guarding against possible infringement of constitutional guarantees by overzealous judges, particularly at a time when human rights advocacy for the accused has been made unpopular by the rising rate of crime. It used to be that the primacy of the State is the core principle of the international legal regime as it is traditionally known. This, however, has been challenged by the alarming rise of state-sponsored human rights violations that has prodded the community of nations to recognize that its more pressing duty is to protect the individual from systemic and institutional

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Visiting The Gold Coast †The Surfer’s Paradise

Visiting The Gold Coast – The Surfer’s Paradise Gold Coast – The Surfer’s Paradise Hello A coastal city in the southeast Queensland state of Australia, Gold Coast is home to around 3 million people. Surfing is one of the main interests here. Both locals and tourists take a serious interest in surfing here. 35 kilometres of its golden sand beaches puts it as one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in Australia. Over two million tourists visit Gold Coast annually. Best Season to visit Gold Coast Gold Coast is open all around the year. You can expect clear-sky winters, crisp autumn mornings and golden and vibrant summers. When you have close to 300 days of sunshine a year, formal seasons become less apparent. Temperatures are much cooler in rural areas and the hinterland all through the year. The peak seasons are mainly summer (December to February) and autumn (March to May). Highlights (Special Things to Do in Gold Coast) Adrenaline-pumping rides, exotic animals and endless number of waterslides will help cool you off here. Gold Coast holidays have a full range of interactive entertainment to offer, be it big dazzling theme parks or small yet hilariously quirky museums. Let your hair loose at one the many theme parks dotting Gold Coast. Gold Coast is home to some of the largest and best theme parks in the world. You can Cuddle a koala, feed a flock of rainbow lorikeets or even swim with the dolphins – do much more at the wild parks and aquariums nearby. Revisit history, at some of the city’s oldest and most renowned attractions. Watch Whales. Experience the bio-diverse city and the largest subtropical rainforest in Australia, at the natural parks and attractions around the city. Sample the city’s stunning walking tracks that come with incredible lookouts. Learn how beer is brewed and taste one of the region’s finest wines at a local vineyard. Rejuvenate and unwind at one of Gold Coast’s award-winning spas or wellness retreats. Indulge in sports and recreational activities, from surfing to sky diving. Hotspots of Gold Coast You can check out these popular places to visit in Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise: Surfers Paradise is the signature high-rise settlement emerging out of the commercial centre of the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise Beach: Three-kilometre long strip of golden sands between Surfers Paradise and the Pacific Ocean is a picture perfect location that mesmerizes millions every year. SkyPoint Climb: This is the highest external building walk in Australia. Feel a sense of achievement when you stand on a 270 meter high with the sun shimmering around you with a 360 degree view of golden sands, lush green tropical mountains and the Gold Coast skyline. Ripleys Believe It Or Not!: Get overwhelmed by hundreds of incredible exhibits, rare stories, mystery and magic, incredible deceptions, interactive games and astounding movies. Movie Stunt Experience: Be an action hero, choosing whether to break through windows, commando-style or fly around by being suspended on wires or jump from buildings or even be lit on fire. Slingshot Gold Coast: Holding 2 people at a time, with a video camera attached to capture the riders’ reactions, the Slingshot catapults you 80 meters up in the air. Jetboat Extreme: Spin and slide across the sea in a custom-built, twin-jet-powered, turbo-charged jet boat. Coolangatta Coolangatta Beach: Known for its slow pace and laid back lifestyle, it is the southernmost beach in Queensland. Snapper Rocks: Snapper Rocks is a small rocky ridge that is famous for the Superbank, the start of the large sand bank. Kirra Beach: The small rocky headland Kirra Point, is known as one of the worlds leading surf breaks. This surf break is known for producing high quality waves. Gold Coast Skydive: You get to jump off a plane at 12,000 feet above the ground; free-fall for roughly 40 seconds before opening the parachute to take in the mesmerising beauty of Gold Coast, and finally landing on to the warm sand of Kirra Beach. Southport The Rockpools: A water theme park for all age groups, the Rockpools that comes with a coastal theme has a creek bed and an array of pools that mimic coastal tides. Burleigh Heads Burleigh Heads Beach: Simply Burleigh to locals, it sits like a pause, between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta to the north and south respectively. It’s a charming punctuation mark along the Gold Coast and absolutely a place to stop and take notice. Springbrook Natural Bridge: Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park is the most uncommon geological feature created by water flowing through the roof of a basalt cave for millions of years. It is home to an enchanting colony of glow-worms, which can be seen after sunset. Mermaid Beach Putt Putt Golf: Play golf in one of the three unbelievably themed 18 Hole Courses with themes like the Jungle Trail, Waterways Cove or the Fun Run. Navigate through bizarre animals, conquer motorised obstacles and cruise along a water filled putting adventure. Currumbin Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: More than 1,400 native Australian animals on display here in a natural bush land and rainforest landscape. The Sanctuary offers a world of discovery through enthralling wildlife shows, night safari and an interactive science activity zone. Shopping in Gold Coast Offering a shopping experience like no other, the Gold Coast has a range of options from department stores and discount traders to boutiques and specialty shops, markets and also duty free stores. For cheap souvenirs and t-shirts go to Cavill Mall and its surrounding areas. Dozens of stores in and around Surfers Paradise cater solely to the tourist crowd and you could end up picking up sheepskins, Australian opals, wool products and even aboriginal artefacts. Out of the numerous shopping centres in Surfers Paradise the popular ones are the Chevron Renaissance and the Centro Shopping Plaza. These places are good for a tourist shopping; however for day to day value items it is better to shop elsewhere. For a selection of high-end or mid-range boutiques and shops, head to the Orchard Avenue, Elkhorn Avenue and Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise. Care should be taken while purchasing in Surfers Paradise as counterfeits are very common. It’s an irony that the real Louis Vuitton boutique is right next to the fake goods shops on Elkhorn Avenue. Robina Town Centre has a modern shopping mall with eateries and shops that take care of everyone’s needs. A large selection of shops across all budgets can be found at Harbor Town Center in Biggeria Waters. The small farmers market across the road is a must visit for its good restaurants and delis. How to reach Gold Coast Air By Plane The Gold Coast Airport, better known as the Coolangatta Airport, is located in Coolangatta to the south of the city. It is a pretty unique airport as it lies across the Queensland and New South Wales borders; you would always land in one state and arrive in the other. Though it is a fairly small terminal, it receives around 3.5 million travellers annually. The airport is well connected with major cities in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is NOT a 24 hour airport, so do not plan on staying overnight before an early morning flight. The Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle runs transit services from the Gold Coast Airport to hotels and theme parks all over Gold Coast. Customer service kiosks are in the located in the international and domestic terminals. An alternative, especially if using a rented car, is to fly into Brisbane Airport. You have better connectivity from there. Land By Train CityTrain is an electric train service between Brisbane and Nerang, Robina, Coomera and Helensvale. It’s roughly a 70 minutes journey from Brisbane Central to Robina and Nerang. As the train runs along the coast you can check which station on route is closest to your destination. Countrylink in New South Wales has trains running from Sydney with bus services at the Casino to Surfers Paradise. How to get around Gold Coast Car Gold Coast is easily accessible by car, and large parking lots at most locations make parking a less harrowing experience. Most car rental services are available here. Bus Surfside Buslines, are the main form of public transport here in Gold Coast and they have designated stops on most areas. Buses are available 24 hours a day; the frequency is higher during the day. Airport Transfers (shuttles) operate point to point’ between Coolangatta Airport and most places along the coast and are a popular substitute to taxis. Taxi – Taxis are available but expect to wait longer for it on busy nights. Bike The Gold Coast Ocean way is a 36km pathway meant for pedestrians and cyclists connecting the Gold Coast Seaway to Point Danger, covering most of the coastline on route. Top areas in Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Surfers Paradise, located on long stretches of golden beaches is where surfers do more than just riding the waves. High rise apartments line the shore, nightclubs, pubs are abundant here. The late night shopping will keep you busy all through. Most Gold Coast hotels, high end and budget, are located around here. Broadbeach â€Å"Broadie† as called by the locals, it is a quieter version of Surfers Paradise. It is known for its gorgeous beaches dotted by lazy parks and bustling weekend markets. It is the second busiest tourist suburb and is home to casinos, shopping centres and many eateries. Mount Tamborine Located in the peaceful and scenic hinterland and at just an hour from Gold Coast, it is a tropical rainforest, populated with unique, vibrant and colourful, exotic birds. Many interesting types of flora and fauna can also be found here. It is also known for its serene calm atmosphere. Main Beach High-rises and resorts dot this upmarket suburb. Located at the northern end of the Gold Coast, Main Beach is called so as it was the main surf beach at Southport. Its open shore break makes it very popular with Surfers. Burleigh Heads Home to tall aromatic pine trees, this parkland has plenty of places where you can picnic or have a barbecue. You would also find arts and crafts markets here, where you can haggle your way to a good deal. You can find good mid-range accommodation here. Coolangatta – This is one of the twin cities located on the border between New South Wales and Queensland. The surf here is outstanding, particularly off the northern corner of Coolangatta Beach. Snapper Rocks and Duranbah are world-class surf breaks that are located here. You also have a few mid-range accommodation options here. Mermaid Beach This is simply a serene laid-back spot. There’s an extensive mixture of dining options here ranging from modern Australian to a lot of Pan Asian culinary options. While there are plenty of cheap accommodation options here, from apartments to caravan parks, do not forget to check out the flashy and flamboyant ‘millionaire’s row. Miami – A small beach town located south of Surfers Paradise, Miami has a beautiful stretch of golden sands that is perfect for families. Thank You!

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Augustine and Skepticism Essay

Though considered one of the founders of theology, specifically in terms of Christianity, it is also widely accepted that St. Augustine played a large role in philosophy as well. In being familiar with total skepticism, the idea that nothing can be known, Augustine advised that this thought could be disproven in at least three distinct ways. According to Augustine, these â€Å"three refutations† of skepticism are the principle of non-contradiction, the act of doubting and refutation relating to perception. The first refutation illustrated by Augustine is that of non-contradiction. This principle explains that when examining and presenting an idea, only the suggestion or the contradiction may be true, but in no instance, can both be true. For example, if one were to state that â€Å"I am here,† the idea presented is that the statement is true. As a result, it would be impossible to follow that idea up with the statement â€Å"It is not true that I am here.† According to Augustine, the idea may be true or the contradiction of that idea may be true, but never both. This refutation is an attempt to prove that although total skepticism dictates that nothing can be known, its nearly impossible to argue with both the proposition and the contradiction-surely, one of them must be known as truth. This seems to be a fairly valid principle, as it leaves little room for argument in the idea that something is either true, or it is false, but rarely ever is there an alternative that cou ld be true. The second refutation is the act of doubting, an idea arguing that through doubting, we ultimately defeat the purpose of total skepticism. For example, if one was to argue that through total skepticism, it is impossible to know anything or that they â€Å"doubt† something to be true, in essence they are conceding to the idea that at the very least they are certain of their own existence-otherwise, how would their be any validity in their doubts? A â€Å"non-existent† person, would not be able to illustrate doubt or explain that nothing can be known, therefore, Augustine attempted to state that one’s existence negates the act of doubting anything can be known, because at least the idea of their existence is known. While this concept is an interesting one, the validity of it seems to be questionable because it does  not take into consideration that ultimately the concept of existence is not being disputed, but rather the idea of what can truly be known is in question. The act of doubting, does not seem to disprove total skepticism as much, but rather seems to be a blanket contradiction against it. The final refutation of Augustine revolves around perception, especially sense perception, and the idea that perception in its most basic form is a type of knowledge. While we may not be able to conclude the essence of an object or concept, we can describe our own perception of it, in which case, we make no error in judgment. If we saw a pond that seemed shallow and assert that it only seems shallow, we make no mistake. Only when we conclude that the pond is shallow, with no certainty or proof to support that idea, are we mistaken. This opposes the idea of total skepticism, in that we can know at least what our perceptions allow us to determine. In my opinion, this is a valid argument because ultimately it does not profess what we know or do not know fully, but rather states that our knowledge of anything is based on our own perception of it. Although the ideas of academic and total skeptic ism sought to disprove a need or even the logic behind philosophy, scholars such as St. Augustine attempted to prove that despite the fact that we do not have total knowledge in everything, we are not totally void of knowledge. The three refutations of Augustine serve to help us remember that just as there is an opposite to nearly everything, the concept of skepticism can always be rebutted when it comes to knowledge and our understanding of the world.

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A Rhetorical Piece of Literature Essay

Judith Ortiz Cofer’s piece entitled ‘The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria’ is a rhetorical essay that exemplifies the art of persuasion through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos that mainstream the three types of rhetorical proof. Her piece describes the life of a Puerto Rican girl who was forced to carry the culture and the customs of the Spanish, Catholic world up to the more sophisticated Western world. This appears to be a heavy burden—not only to Puerto Ricans or Latinas who end up transferring to another society and culture—but also to other races and ethnicities that can be rated as third class in the culture of the West. Race and culture can have its own prejudices (The New Georgia Encyclopedia 2006), and this presents the theme of Cofer’s ‘The Myth of the Latin Woman’. Main Body In representing rhetorical piece, Cofer uses ethos, pathos, and logos†¦ as well as the angle of vision and the inclusion of opposing views of other cultures. Ethos dictates â€Å"how the character and credibility of a speaker influence an audience to consider him (or her) to be believable† (Wikipedia 2007). This is readily seen on how Cofer mentions about her being a graduate student (203); her coming from a modest, educated, and respectable Latin family (205, 207); her friends who, despite being Hispanic, are actually medical graduates, professionals, and â€Å"feminist Hispanic scholars† (206). This also includes the portion wherein Cofer dictates how her ‘Chikana’ friend has had her doctor shake his head when she uses ‘big words’ (207). All these give the reader the impression that what the writer says is accurate and credible all because of the high standing that builds a good reputation on the writer. Pathos, on the other hand, is â€Å"the use of emotional appeals to alter the audience’s judgment† (Wikipedia 2007). This is readily seen on how Cofer uses amplification on many parts of the story, such as the following: first, the Irish man’s use of ‘Maria’ based on ‘The West Side Story’ (203); second is her storytelling of how her family’s life was in an urban center in New Jersey back in the ‘60s (204); third is her experience as a Latin highschool girl in America when they were instructed â€Å"to come dressed as if for a job interview† (204), and how they were described to be â€Å"the negative models by the nuns† (204), with their teachers and classmates looking at them distastefully (205); fourth is when she mentions how Hispanic women are usually abused by their ‘boss men’ (205); fifth is how the words ‘sizzling’ and ‘smoldering’ are used to pertain—not just the food of Latin America—but the women as well (205); sixth, how Latin girls are supposed to ‘ripen’ and not just to grow into womanhood (205); seventh, her narration on how a man of high standing sang to her ‘Evita’ (206). And, lastly, how she was mistaken to be the waitress instead of the main writer during her first public poetry reading (207). All these things give strong emotional appeals that make the persuasion more insisting and more resolute. Logos, on the other hand, pertains to â€Å"the use of reasoning, either inductive or deductive, to construct an argument† (Wikipedia 2007). In Cofer’s piece, this is seen on how she uses inductive reasoning in stating her experience and historical examples that, in turn, can be described as factual and logical (e. g. , what a Hispanic culture is, why Latin girls wear everything at once). This is also seen on how she uses deductive reasoning, especially in the use of generally accepted propositions about the Hispanic women—that they are â€Å"Hot Tamale or sexual firebrand† (Cofer 2005); second, deductive reasoning is also used in stating that Hispanic women feel free to express themselves through clothes and ornaments and be more provocative, since they are â€Å"more protected by the traditions, mores, and laws of a Spanish/Catholic system of morality and machismo† (205); third, that tropical women show off their skin to keep cool and, at the same time, appear sexy (205); fourth and final, the myth that Latina women are actually whores, domestic, or criminal (207). The logic of the argument centers on the theme that the writer acts that way because she was born that way. She was only practicing what was taught to her by her world and her culture. Conclusion Cofer’s angle of vision goes straight into defending the true nature of the Hispan ic women. She uses three main strategies in her piece ‘The Myth of the Latin Woman’: first is the use of character and credibility in giving an accurate and credible argument to her readers; second is the use of emotional appeals through amplification and storytelling that make persuasion more insisting; third is the use of inductive and deductive reasoning through generally accepted propositions and logic. There is also the inclusion of opposing views of other cultures, especially those that cover the Western cultures that see ‘too much’ as a despicable, revolting factor (Cofer 204). Cofer’s angle is one that represents the side of the Hispanic culture. In defense of her race and her ethnicity, Cofer demands some understanding that not everything that appears to be remains to be, and that not everyone who appears to be one†¦ remains to be one. Works Cited Cofer, Judith Ortiz. The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria. Spring 2007. Heather D. Harris Homepage, Northern Arizona University. 24 September

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Essay Sample on the South African Land Reform Process

Essay Sample on the South African Land Reform Process South Africa is a wonderful place. Ask the thousands of Nigerians going to Joburg. Those already there may have a different story however. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful place, on TV at least. Like every other country, South Africans have their own problems. Take land distribution for example. About 15% or less of the population own 85% of the best arable land, leaving the poorer, arid soils to the remaining 85% of the population. This equation may sound unbalanced, but what if the lucky 15% feeds the whole country and still have a whole lot left over for export, contributing to the growth of the South African economy? Theoretically, that is what happens, thanks to advanced technological approaches to agriculture, but lets take a closer look. The lands owned by the 15% of mostly white farmers were seized decades ago by force, trickery or economic manipulation. It is a history we are all familiar with. This, in a continent of communal land ownership, practiced from time immemorial. The acquired practice of individual land ownership has over time, reduced productivity, and created landless serfs and a hapless pool of farm workers desperate enough to accept whatever is thrown to them as handouts. It does create wealth-for a few landowners that is. It is thus not strange how this few have maintained their stranglehold on the mechanisms of production with all the resources at their disposal. This is aside government policy deliberately fashioned to favour white landowners and directly oppress the poor black majority and dispossess them of whatever land they had left. What is extremely strange is the way the present South African government is trying to play ‘Mr. nice guy’ with the South African land reform process . It has suggested a buyback process where the white farmers are refusing to sell and the marginalized people are too poor to buy. It is not surprising that it has been a resounding failure so far. Why the present government insists on protecting the so called property rights of people who acquired land through decades of killing, oppression, cheating and economic manipulation is baffling. These rights were not legally acquired in the first place-legal here means morally right, not a title deed signed by a tribal chieftain who couldn’t read or understand what he was signing, or one acquired from an irreprehensible governing system such as apartheid after people had been forcefully ejected from their lands and homes. Thus the issue of financial compensation should not even arise; they never really owned the land in the first place. The South African agricultural scene is economic exploitation at its triumphant best. While the rich farmers sell their cash and food crops to the highest bidders at home and abroad, majority of people the people are marginally poor in their homeland, without jobs or in low paying jobs, economically exploited and oppressed by a country that lost its apartheid tone only in the colour of the flag, the skin of the president and the constitution of the sports teams. It’s not as if the white farmers use up all their land. Most of the land lays waste in fallow or is unutilized due to mechanical constraints. Lappe and Collins (1984) in their book, ‘Food First’ showed, with data collected from different reliable sources and countries looks at this literal waste of valuable land by large land holding interests. A study of land use in Latin America showed that farmers who owned up to 10 acres cultivated 72%of their land, but farmers with over 86 acres cultivated only 14% of their land.495 was used for pasture and 37% was left idle. Similarly, a 1968 study of Ecuador showed that farmers with more than 2500 acres used a little over 25%. Such atrocious waste is probably true of South Africa. How the government proves it is serious with land reforms while poor marginalized South Africans witness this spectacle beats me. If South Africa is serious about land reforms, they should do it the proper, morally right way. First, all land should be seized and properly redistributed. Not Zimbabwean style, where redistribution was to party cronies who had no desire to work the land, fueling famine, but to cooperative communities composed of farmers who have shown seriousness in developing the land. These farmers should include landless, marginalized citizens who will be willing to invest time and energy in producing crops for local consumption and export in return for the profits and benefits that accrue from such shared ownerships. Forced collectivism should not be encouraged, as it has been shown to be counterproductive. In the early 50s, Yugoslavia and Poland had to abandon a top- down approach to creating agricultural cooperatives. (Bergman, ‘Farm Policies in socialist countries-Lexington, Mass.: Heath, 1975 pp 129ff). The redistribution of land has to be democratic-not democracy of those with the fi nancial muscle to hijack the process as practiced worldwide today-but real democracy, where the ideas of the people forming the cooperatives will be allowed to germinate into a healthy enthusiasm that translates to practical, workable actions that will foster development for the nation and create genuine wealth for the thousands of landless poor south Africans who are looked on as a liability by their government and a class of   elite landowners who shoot at them for trespassing on private property. This is not a call for a bloody revolution. If properly carried out, a sensible agreement can be reached between all parties. Lappe and Collins (1984) noted that seldom, if ever, have land distribution triggered the wholesale liquidation so frequently feared by most capitalist entities. But land distribution is not enough if food production and wealth creation is to be increased. Access to tools, credit, agricultural inputs and necessary infrastructure has to be facilitated by the gove rnment for the cooperatives if this venture is to succeed. Land distribution is useless if these essential tools are left in the hands of greedy, exploitative middlemen. So, South Africans, get talking and start something for the sake of future South Africans. This is a sample Law essay written by one of our academic writers. If you want to order a custom written essay, term paper, research paper, dissertation, thesis contact our company now to get professional academic writing help.

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Free Essays on Searches Or No Searches

Searches or No Searches By: Julia Nicoletti Searches or no searches, that is the question. Say the principal at your school has instituted random locker and book bag/back pack searches to check for weapons and/or drugs. Anyone who is caught, will immediately be suspended. Performing these searches will do so much for your school. Searching will increase the trust and support of the parents who send their kids to your school. The searches will also make the students feel more safe and secure at school. These searches will decrease the weapons and drugs on campus. Random searches will increase the trust and support of the parents who sent their kids to your school. A family has a high school student in their family. The family lives in the not so good side of Cleveland. The school has records and is known for weapons, drugs, and shootings. If there were locker and bag searches, the family would probably send their teen to the school. Parents would rather send their teen to a high school that is known for performing these searches, not to a school that is known for drugs and weapons. The school would gain a lot of trust and support from parents if they did this. The more trust, the more students. The more students, the more money from the government. The more money, the better facilities. Feeling safe is one thing you need in school. With out feeling safe, more tension will stir up in school. Twenty-nine percent of students polled by Educational Communications, Inc., last year said that they know someone who brought a weapon to school, which is a scary statement. If there were searches being performed frequently, there would be no reason to be nervous of being shot or stabbed in school. Most kids hate going to school and when you have students who bring weapons to school, it helps persuade them against it even more. Random checks would decrease the number of illegal weapons in the school. By doin... Free Essays on Searches Or No Searches Free Essays on Searches Or No Searches Searches or No Searches By: Julia Nicoletti Searches or no searches, that is the question. Say the principal at your school has instituted random locker and book bag/back pack searches to check for weapons and/or drugs. Anyone who is caught, will immediately be suspended. Performing these searches will do so much for your school. Searching will increase the trust and support of the parents who send their kids to your school. The searches will also make the students feel more safe and secure at school. These searches will decrease the weapons and drugs on campus. Random searches will increase the trust and support of the parents who sent their kids to your school. A family has a high school student in their family. The family lives in the not so good side of Cleveland. The school has records and is known for weapons, drugs, and shootings. If there were locker and bag searches, the family would probably send their teen to the school. Parents would rather send their teen to a high school that is known for performing these searches, not to a school that is known for drugs and weapons. The school would gain a lot of trust and support from parents if they did this. The more trust, the more students. The more students, the more money from the government. The more money, the better facilities. Feeling safe is one thing you need in school. With out feeling safe, more tension will stir up in school. Twenty-nine percent of students polled by Educational Communications, Inc., last year said that they know someone who brought a weapon to school, which is a scary statement. If there were searches being performed frequently, there would be no reason to be nervous of being shot or stabbed in school. Most kids hate going to school and when you have students who bring weapons to school, it helps persuade them against it even more. Random checks would decrease the number of illegal weapons in the school. By doin...

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Issues Facing Gender in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Issues Facing Gender in the Workplace - Essay Example Lets take an example of Canada in which men occupy positions that are supervisory or administrative, full-time, high in pay and status, and that are often in the transport, communications and manufacturing sectors while women are predominantly concentrated in non-standard work, usually clerical and service work in part-time or temporary positions that are characterized by low skill requirements, low pay, and few benefits. Even in professional positions, women continue to be disproportionately represented in "feminine" nursing, teaching, and social science professions. (Amber Gazso, 2004) Gender issues in career development have undergone an absolute information explosion. It is generally observed that career ambition in women is lower than career aspiration among men. Men tend to be more motivated and possess a broaden view than women on work. But it is surprising to see that women's aspirations have substantially increased over the past several decades. No matter what the reason behind women's aspirations is, several environmental factors have been implicated, including cultural and ethnical background. Many researchers have observed, for example, that the relative traditionality of gender role attitudes and occupational plans may limit the level of women's vocational and educational aspirations. It is true that women may experience a number of barriers in preparing for career decisions, like home-career conflict. Women appear to be placing increased importance on goals in the work domain. This change has not detracted from the importance women give to the home and family domain, nor diminished the expected conflicts among roles. As might be expected, this shift has presented women with additional challenges in their career planning. As is true with many other stages of women's career development, entry into the work force seems to be more complex for women than for men, given gender discrimination and stereotyping, and the demands of multiple roles. One aspect of career development more typical to women than men is role exiting and reentry. Rather than going directly from school to work, many women first engage in full-time family roles, returning to school or work later

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Is increasing knowledge making life more worrying and uncertain in Essay

Is increasing knowledge making life more worrying and uncertain in contemporary society - Essay Example While knowledge has always existed, in the traditional society it was established knowledge. Knowledge society on the other hand refers to the change in knowledge in different fields like political, economical, social and cultural life. Knowledge is essential for every activity in life be it in the form of sophisticated academic knowledge in the form of text books like medical science to common sense like how to look after ourselves and our children. The speed at which knowledge is produced and disseminated across the globe has been the root cause of the change taking place in the society. Knowledge in the contemporary society takes different forms and it is created and disseminated through multiple sites. To conduct their daily lives, people seek knowledge on health, jobs and relationships. There are numerous advisers and counselors available apart from the myriad of information available on the internet. Experts are known by different high-sounding names like therapists and planners. Even in spiritualism and healthcare there is virtually knowledge explosion. In the field of technology, enormous changes in people’s lives can be seen. The personal computer externally looks the same and is made of the same metals that it was same say 5 years ago but is much more powerful. The input of human intelligence added to it ahs rendered it powerful. Technology is used to reduce costs in manufacturing sector, in marketing and distribution. Technology has led foreign firms to outsource their back-office operations to distant lands like India. Local firms now have global networks. Communication technologies have rendered distant and size of corporations insignificant. Economic changes have brought about changes in consumption pattern, increased purchasing power in the hands of the people and the markets have become consumer-driven. Despite all these changes and advancements, knowledge society has created a risk society which is associated with the growth of the