Sunday, September 22, 2019

Patient Safety and Quality Essay Example for Free

Patient Safety and Quality Essay The nurse involved with the caring for this family needs to be open to facts of the situation at hand by realizing that it is going to be a period of stress on Susie. At the same time, the goal is to make sure that Susie prioritizes her daily activities which will involve all three of caring for her children, taking in the additional demands of assisting her mother and promoting her health, and of course making sure her career is also focused on. As it is, Susie is overwhelmed and the nurse will need to help the family overcome any additional stress points as well as the specific illness related to her mother and so the nurse will prioritize as well. Since Susie seems to manage the household, the nurse will need to make her the key point of contact with the steps involved with making sure the family stays healthy during this period of additional anxiety. As it has happened now with her mother coming in to the family, she will need to adapt to a new lifestyle that has new demands of caretaking as described in the family structural theory. Family structural theory is a theory where a family is an open and social cultural system, which reacts and adapts to the demands placed (Grand Canyon University). This theory would be best applied by the nurse recognizing the rules and roles the family currently has and how they will need to change to encourage health promotion. Developmental stages give opportunities to family members to realize their potential (Edelman Mandle, 2010). With the children also being a priority to take care, Stage four of the Family Developmental Theory will be applied. Perhaps the nurse will need to better understand through Susie what the latter’s keys to success have been from Stage 1-3 to better help take care of the kids through this. Through these types of conversations, the nurse can help promote health throughout their family by better understanding how the cope with particular situations and helping apply new methods of care. Health promotion can best be accomplished when the nurse focuses on Susie first and then the rest of the family so that Susie can also take care of the family. Health education includes all family members, with learning activities according to each individual. General teaching goal will be same but the approaches and specific goals will be different for each family member. A nurse will have to provide different teaching to each family member. To promote health for Mrs. Jones, nurse can make a plan explaining how Mrs. Jones need to function at her highest level of capacity physically, psychologically, culturally, and spiritually. To promote Susie’s health, nurse will have to educate her on social roles, financial and occupational responsibilities, and reassessing life goals. School aged children health can be promoted by educating on staying away from harmful and unsafe environments such as drug and alcohol abuse. Also, allowing school aged children participate in family conversations and allowing them to speak increases their self-esteem which can be beneficial to Susie to decrease stress. References Edelman, C., Mandle, C. L. (2010). Health promotion throughout the life span (7th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. â€Å"The Form and Function of The Family.† (2011). Grand Canyon Universtiy, Phoenix, AZ.

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