Thursday, September 12, 2019

All together Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

All together - Essay Example A common definition of desire is simply an individual wish. In this world, everybody has a wish but one common desire for everybody is success. A part from success I would also wish to have more money so that I can meet all of my expenses. In addition, I also desire to have peace of mind, essence of well-being, love, fun, fulfillments, and love. The desire is my driving force, that is to say, it is my motivation, and therefore, it keeps my dreams a live as I strive to realize my goals and aspirations. Up to this point, the desire is like my touchstone that provides the extra energy needed to realize my potential. I believe that if I write down and spell aloud what I want to achieve then I will be able to realize it. By doing this, I tend to have a conviction that I am precisely sending my intentions to the universe. It is widely believed that by being precise and clear in your intention, the universe is most likely to reward you with high power that is helpful in fulfilling your dreams. In my case, I have a diary where I do write down my intentions and achievements on daily basis as a way of success monitoring. As one of my success factor skills, I do pledge that I will always do everything possible within my capabilities to realize my personal objectives so that I can have a smooth and a fulfilling life. To me, this is what commitment is all about. In most cases, I do not let my ego come between I and my ambitions, I do not find it very difficult to swallow my pride and apologize to those I have wronged. As I succeed, I do not want to accumulate enemies but friends with mutual respect. Furthermore, this success factor skill is vital as it assist in easing an individual mind from the personal life burden (Gray, 1999). There is no one in the world that is fully independent, which is evident from the common saying ‘no one

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